Chase with a Delay on the First Track (Receptacle) Examples Page
Chase with a Delay on Step 1 is used for many types of displays. They include deer jumping, throwing motions, and Santa skiing. The delay allows the animation to pause because continuous movement in some displays may seem unrealistic or too fast.
6 Track Chase Delay on Step 1 - Version B
Dip Switch Setting: 10110011
This is an example of Version B. A few Version B settings use the last two tracks (receptacles) for a waving hand or wagging tail. Each Version B setting has a specific type of display in mind. Please call us for more information on the Version B settings.
6 Track Chase Delay on 1 - Version A
Dip Switch Setting:11010000
This example uses 6 Track chase with a delay on Step 1. You may have noticed that Santa disappears and there are only 5 Santa's total. To create the blank (Santa disappears) we have simply not used the sixth receptacle. We used the same effect in the first example on this page.