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Chase Light Controllers

Established in 1996, Flash Track Lighting is your leading manufacturer and seller of American-Made Animated Chase Light Controllers.

Skip the distributor and buy directly from us, the chase light experts, for high quality, cost-effective controllers.Entire light parks can be run on one of our smart chasers!

When you buy from us, not only will you get a top-notch, reliable, chase light controller, but you also get customer service from the experts should you have any questions. We design our own controller models and commission their manufacturing, so if you have any problems or questions, we are available and we CAN help you!

Using Our Chase Light Controllers:

Use our chase lighting controllers to create spectacular visual effects indoors or outdoors for Christmas Light Displays, Signs, Casino Displays, or any animated light display or moving light show, no matter the application!

From our low-cost but top quality 3 Track Smart Chaser with 10 amps per track, to our custom programmed models that offer unlimited amperage, we have the perfect chase light controller for your needs.

Flash Track Lighting Products:

Check out our products page to see our different controller models, or, if you're not sure which controller is right for your display, give us a call and let us help you find the perfect chase light controller!

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Call us during the planning stages of your display.  We will be happy to assist you in selecting the correct size of lighting controller, choosing the appropriate setting, and wiring the tracks correctly in order to get the perfect chase lighting effect for your display.

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To see examples of the available settings and what our various models of chase light controllers can do, click on the See Controllers link on the menu.

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If you need ideas of how Lighting Controllers will enhance and make your project more dynamic, while at the same time simplifying the management, please check out the Idea Pages.